Philips DreamWear Gel Pillow Mask Set.


Key Features

  • The DreamWear gel pillows cushion is designed to fit the innovative design of the Philips DreamWear mask, providing an effective but comfortable seal, with minimal contact that prevents red marks.
  • Choose Cushion and Frame Size




This Philips DreamWear Gel Set Comes With:

• 1 x Philips DreamWear Gel Cushion. Available in Small, Medium, and Large.
• 1 x Philips DreamWear Frame. Available in Small, Medium or Large.
• 1 x Philips DreamWear Headgear with Arms
• 1 x Philips DreamWear EE Elbow
• 1x Philips DreamWear Nose Fabric Wrap

Additional information

Size (Cushion-Frame)

S-S, S-M, S-L, M-S, M-M, M-L, L-S, L-M, L-L


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